What You Might Need If Tooth Decay Has Taken Over a Tooth in Your Smile

When you practice good oral health habits, you are doing your part to keep away cavities and tooth decay from taking over your smile. This is why you want to be faithful in our daily oral habits–brushing, flossing as well as seeing your dentist for regular dental cleanings and exams. At these visits, your dentist… Read more »

Fixing Cavities and Chipped Teeth

A small cavity or a chipped tooth can cause several problems. Some problems include a change in texture or color, heightened sensitivity, or discomfort when chewing. If a cavity isn’t treated, or a chip goes unrepaired, tooth decay could set in. To prevent this from happening, you should seek treatment at Dr. ’s dental office… Read more »

You Can Take an Active Part in Your Next Dental Visit

Just like going to your general physician, taking an active part in your routine dental exams can help your visit be most productive. Today, our dentist, Dr. would like to share some easy tips to help you make the most of your next dental appointment. The first thing you can do begins before your appointment…. Read more »

Dental Veneers Make Mouths Happy

Dental veneers make mouths happy. With a permanent set of veneers, you can give yourself a complete smile makeover that can improve the look of any teeth set. Dental veneers make mouths happy with this dental veneer knowledge base: – Dental veneers are highly effective at covering and concealing even the worst of damage done… Read more »