At Paul R. Downing, DMD, PC, our team often recommends a dental filling to repair damage to you tooth caused by decay. Frequently referred to as a cavity, this decay can be extremely difficult to detect in its early stages. For example, a dental probe often cannot access the area where a cavity is growing, and this type of cavity cannot be detected by an X-ray. To further complicate the situation, forming cavities typically cannot be seen by the naked eye.

In order to provide an effective solution to these problems, our dentists are proud to utilize laser diagnostics to identify hard-to-access cavities. Using a specialized laser, our team will be able to detect forming cavities much more quickly. This is exceptionally useful because if we are able to treat the cavity before it is able to become larger, we can generally prevent the need for more complex restorations that may have become a necessity otherwise. With laser diagnostics, are also able to detect other dental problems and abnormalities at an earlier stage. If you are interested in the ways that laser diagnostics in Columbia, South Carolina, can help you, we invite you to contact us soon. Dr. Downing is eager to care for your smile!