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As with all aspects of teenage life, there are many risks to your teeth and gums that can occur as a teen. The secret to sidestepping these risks is to exercise caution at all times and make the correct decisions so that your wonderful smile has a chance to thrive for decades to come. Here are some tips for treating your teeth well as a teen:

– Avoid mouth jewelry, because it poses serious oral health hazards, as it can chip and crack teeth, break off and become a choking risk, as well as enter the skin and lead to infections and disease.

– Your smile is at risk as a teen due to contact sports and similar high-risk activities, so always seek to use the appropriate safety gear and equipment.

– Drugs can harm your teeth, gums, and life as a teen, so avoid it at all costs.

– Given the fact that smoking and chewing tobacco often first become rampant as the result of peer pressure as a teen, it is important to avoid these vices as soon as they present themselves.

– When you are in your teens, the last of your permanent adult teeth grow in, the wisdom teeth, which are notorious for growing in improperly and leading to malocclusions.

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